Windows briefcase can sync with on premise sharepoint 2013 sites

Please let me know whether windows brief case can sync with on premises sharepoint 2013 sites or not

Hi Veera,

Briefcase will work with Sharepoint 2013 On Premise


Please share the trail licence and package details to test . We plan to implement to replace one drive for business

Hi Veera,

I will pass this to the sales team. I cannot provide the trials.


Can you ask your sales team to arrange a call with me or contact me over my mobile : +91 99623151694 ?

I am working for solution for Standard Chartered Bank, UK . We wanted to explore whether Windows Brief case can replace the One drive for Business or not.

I will do that.

Hi Kyle,

Recently our SPS 2007 sites were been migrated to SPS 2013 therefore I have to add a new site (the old link doesn't work) but then it looks like that I've got the authentication issue? (pls refer to the attached screenshot) But I do have the authorization to edit the content of the site, I would like to know whether it is the Colligo Briefcase version issue or it is the settings in the new SPS 2013 site. Thank you.

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