End user - Authenitcation challenges

I have users that has the addin for the Office Outlook 2013.  Working fine and then looses connectivity.  But when the user clicks on Login - does not get the login option. NO screen.  Can I force anything from the console?

 Windows 7 OS.   Strange - I have some OS build, same Office and I don't have the problem.  Version

I will try.  When I looked for my PC.  I had two folders under the


/Colligo and /ColligoOfflineClient


C:\Users\bbidinger\AppData\Local\Colligo\Engage is where you will want to look.


I get the same error,

When I first installed colligo, it worked, then I closed Outlook and restarted and would not login in.  I followed steps in article but still no luck.  The only way I managed to get it logged in was to remove both the \appdata\local\colligo folder and THEN remove the pst file and restart outlook, outlook would then complain it cannot find pst, I pressed cancel.  Now... the problem is that the copy or sync buttons do not do anything although its logged in....

any help would be appreciated

Hi Steve,

If you are still getting the problem where Outlook could not find the PST, please remove the PST from your Data Files, and it should settle itself down and initialize properly.

Hi Kyle, still no luck, tried that, uninstalled and reinstalled and cannot login.  If I press the login button nothing happens.

(8.33 KB)

Hi Steve,

What version of Email Manager are you running right now?

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