Briefcase for Mac: connection to Sharepoint occurs but Content to Sync does not appear when I try to add the site.

Hello, I hope you can help.

I am using a 5 year old MBP with Sierra.  I’ve installed the Briefcase for Mac application, gone to Preferences and clicked “+” to add a site.  I’ve typed in my company Sharepoint URL and the pop-up window in Preferences directs me to type my User Name and Password, just like if I were connecting through a browser.  The connection to the site then occurs and I can see the image of the Sharepoint website appear in the Preferences pop-up window (ie., Company logo, my document folders, etc), and although I can "slide" this window upwards, it does not reveal any Content to Sync window behind it.  As well, the Colligo icon in the top task bar begins to spin as if it is collecting information or syncing, but even after I leave this spinning all night it has not completed anything and there is still no list of content to sync, nor has the site been added as far as I can tell.  Please let me know if additional details are required.

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It sounds like you are getting stuck on the Web Auth view, which should go away.

Please uninstall and try reinstalling again.

If it gets stuck again, please attach a screenshot of where it gets stuck.


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