Mac: Cannot upload files to Sharepoint

Dear community,

I am happy that there is a software like Colligo which enables me to use Sharepoint in Finder. I can perfectly connect to Sharepoint and download / synch files from Sharepoint to my Mac.

However, I am unable to upload any files to Sharepoint using Mac Finder. My files will not appear on Sharepoint. Can somebody help?

Thank you so much! Best regards, Tobias

Please find the logs here:

2017-09-18 14:27:16.674 [INFO] SyncRequest: List items receved for the list /XXX/Share/:

2017-09-18 14:27:16.677 [INFO] SyncOperation: sync progress 2/2 [errors:0][Time(sec):0][Total(sec):0]

2017-09-18 14:27:16.677 [INFO] SyncRequest: Destructing SharePoint.ListItemsSoapRequest(/XXX/Share/) tag=(1)

2017-09-18 14:27:16.677 [INFO] SyncOperation: ==== SyncOperation "/XXX/Share/01_Programm-Mgmt/Protokolle/TESTFILE" has ended ====

2017-09-18 14:27:16.678 [INFO] SyncOperation: Time: 0 sec

2017-09-18 14:27:16.678 [INFO] SyncOperation: Nodes synchronized: 1

2017-09-18 14:27:16.678 [INFO] SyncOperation: Total requests: 2

2017-09-18 14:27:16.678 [INFO] SyncOperation: Successful: 2

2017-09-18 14:27:16.679 [INFO] SyncOperation: ===============================

2017-09-18 14:27:16.679 [DEBUG] SyncEngine: SyncOperation::CompleteMessage received in SyncEngine (operation: 0x7fc94d2f6650)

2017-09-18 14:27:16.680 [INFO] SyncOperation: Destructing SyncOperation(/XXX/Share/01_Programm-Mgmt/Protokolle/TESTFILE) 

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Hi Tobias,

It seems like the log portion you just posted is a list update. From what I can tell, TESTFILE is a folder. Am I correct? 

I would also like to confirm you have write permissions to the library and folder you are trying to upload to.

Please see if your log contains something similar to:

2017-09-18 11:56:44.448 [INFO] SyncRequest: Constructing SyncRequest(/Kyle Jung/Documents/Silver Customer Support Plan.pdf)

2017-09-18 11:56:44.448 [INFO] SyncRequest: Constructing SharePoint.FileUploadRequest(/Kyle Jung/Documents/Silver Customer Support Plan.pdf)

2017-09-18 11:56:44.450 [INFO] SyncRequest: Uploading file /Kyle Jung/Documents/Silver Customer Support Plan.pdf to Customer Support Plan.pdf

2017-09-18 11:56:44.450 [INFO] Http: Upload request for SharePoint.FileUploadRequest(/Kyle Jung/Documents/Silver Customer Support Plan.pdf):

2017-09-18 11:56:46.862 [INFO] Http: Response 201 from

2017-09-18 11:56:46.863 [INFO] SyncRequest: Upload of /Kyle Jung/Documents/Silver Customer Support Plan.pdf complete

As this is the event that constructs the file for upload.

Did you attempt to upload a file while a sync was in process? Do you see any Sync Issues? Try triggering a sync manually to see if the file is queued for upload.


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