Console and App - Unable to remove sites and favourites

I am unable to remove sites from the app in outlook. There are no streams or sites listed within the console. My site has recently been migrated from onprem to o365 which means that the site name is still the same and when I add the new url I see 3 sites

Hi Shane,

This is a known issue if the Sites have the same name. If your OnPrem site has completely migrated to O365, you can remove all references to the previous site. The easiest way would be to remove all the sites with the duplicate names, then restart Outlook. If you specify the site via Console, you will also see this duplicate if a site of the same name already exists.

Sorry, I forgot to mention how to do this. If you right click on the site in Outlook, there is an option to Remove site.

Unfortunately when I right click on the site in outlook there are no options. I've managed a workaround and great a new stream with a unique name to group together. Its not the best solution but the best I can do with a limited functioning system

Hi Shane,

I would expect to see something similar to:


When you right click, you are seeing no options at all?

The other option you have is to rebuild your entire store from a clean state. This would require deleting your PST. The steps to do this are:

1. Close Outlook

2. Remove the PST from your Data Files (Control Panel > Users > Mail > Data Files)

3. Navigate to %localappdata%\Colligo\Engage

4. Delete ColligoOnline.pst

5. Restart Outlook

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