"Colligo Contributor Client has stopped working"


An issue has been raised with a user that Colligo Contributor Client has stopped working every time the users tries to use the application.

The user requires this to be fixed urgently to files emails etc. as this is causing a negative impact on their work.

IT have tried disabling and re-enabling the add-on but the issue remains.

A repair on outlook was run and cache exchange settings have been looked at

The Application Colligo Contributor has also been reinstalled with the issue remaining.

The user has tried on user's PC's and is successful but not on their own PC 

Hi Alex,

Contributor 4 is no longer a supported application. If you have the installer, please try uninstalling and reinstalling. Otherwise I recommend you move to our latest version of Engage.


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for getting back to me. What would be the latest version after Contributor 4 that is still supported would it still be Engage or are there other versions previous to Engage that we can move to with support?



Anything prior to Engage (V7.x) is unsupported.

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