Content Type drop-downs in Colligo - what's the behaviour and how do we configure it in SharePoint?

Hi everyone, we are using this version and we want EMAIL to appear as the first option in Colligo but not in SharePoint (2013), we are dragging and dropping to a Document Set with content types inside it.

How do we achieve this an Engage seems to be more clever and it can choose EMAIL without it being in the File > New dropdown. This is in a document set and you'll see the screenshot below.

With this screenshot "Unclassified" is actually at the top of the list, but missed it out in the screenshot. You'll note EMAIL appears at the bottom of the list and isn't the 2nd option.

Please help.

Hi Hine,

What is the order of content types in the DocSet new button menu? To check follow the screenshot below:


Am I of the correct understanding that you would like Email to be the default content type for Colligo, but not via browser?

  1. HI Kyle, here is the order of doc set below...
  2. Unclassified Document
  3. Meeting Document
  4. PowerPoint Presentation
  5. Standard Document
  6. Proposal
  7. Administration Document
  8. File Note
  9. Link to a Document

I see you have a button called "Change New Button Order". We are using SP 2013 and I've never seen that button. What version of SP are you using?


You are correct...

Email to be the default content type for Colligo, but not via browser.

That is from SP2013 hosted locally.

Regardless, it is true that we currently do not currently support either respecting the order on Sharepoint or setting Email Manager specific default content type. I will contact you via ticket for further discussion.

Hi Kyle,

Can you please tell what behaviors Colligo performs when you drop into a Site?


* Email = Email

* Document = Random content type or first content type in the list?

And whatever you select of these options it will be the same the next time you do it?

Unfortunately it hasn't worked. We have dragged and dropped and selected email three times and after the 2nd-3rd time it didn't default to email as we would expect.

Thank-you for opening a ticket :)

Hi Hine,

We currently do not have default content type assignments in V8 like we did in V7 (via registry setting). Currently it should default to the default content type for the location you are dragging to. We should remember the content type for any future uploads from the previous upload of the same filetype to the same location.

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