After upgrading to 7.2 we have a display problem in outlook

After we recently upgraded to colligo email manager version 7.2 we can no longer see all folders within a library that has exceeded the List view threshold.

Our list view threshold for sharepoint is 10000.  We have applied indexed columns so we can continue to use the libraries within sharepoint.  But when we add a library as a folder with 11000+ subfolders via colligo in outlook we cannot see all of the subfolders within the library.  We can only see the first 30.
If we add a library that has only 9000+ subfolders and is under the List view threshold we can see all 9000+ folders ok.

We do not see any error messages, just a difference in display.
We did not have this problem with version 7.1 and we went to 7.2 because we are upgrading our desktops to windows 10.

Hi Haidee,

I have heard of this issue before, let me find some information an I will get back to you.

Sorry for the delay in response. I will be converting this to a ticket.

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