sharepoint document name gets converted to lowercase in email attachment


When we try to attach any document from sharepoint, if the document has Name as well as Title filled up, When attached to an email, the name automatically converts to all lowercase. I think this is a bug in Coligo. Could you please confirm?

Hi Ashish,

I just tried on my machine using the GA build As you can see the filename does not convert to lower case. Would you be able to provide screenshots?



When i click on attach button, i get popup with tabs that includes "Sites" tab. Not sure which build of Coligo i am using though. How to check the build?


Ok, I have build Enterprise licence

When i check for updates, it says its upto date?

Ok. Let me get back to you. I was testing on a different product. My apologies.

Thank You Ashish. I have validated what you have reported. I will report this bug. Do you have a M&S contract or a Subscription with us?

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