Colligo Email Manager for Outlook is now available.

This hotfix addresses an issue for users of the 64-bit version of Outlook.

For details on this update, including installation instructions, please see the Release Notes

This release of Colligo Email Manager should not be installed over version 7 (Colligo Engage) and earlier releases. Releases with starting version number 7 and below should be uninstalled first.

This release is available to all customers with an active Colligo Console account and is recommended for users of the 64-bit version of Outlook. Please download this release here.

As with previous versions it doesn't work which is why I gave up trying earlier this year. Thought I'd see if the update fairs any differently. Nope. Outlook doesn't load it, when I do manage to get it working it is as slow as molasses and sites don't reveal libraries.

Yes I've tried the two links you always send out but that's all taken care of and the second doesn't even apply to Outlook 2016.


Hi Carl,

I've shot you an email to try and work through this.

Hi Kyle. Never got anything.
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