Mac: Authentication help


Looking for some help to authenticate the Briefcase app to Sharepoint. Our O365 account uses GoDaddy SSO to sign in. I tried to use the O365 validation option, entering a Sharepoint URL, plus my O365 credentials and received an authentication error. Then I tried Web authentication to the GoDaddy URL, and after entering credentials, I was directed to the O365 Outlook email page in the Colligo web authentication window.

Any thoughts how I can authenticate, here?


Unfortunately we are unable to confirm support for GoDaddy SSO.

If you are able to make a Fiddler / Charles capture of the auth process, we might be able to take a look.

Hi Adam,

We haven't tested against GoDaddy SSO. Let me check with my team to see if there is anything we can do to help you out.

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