Mac: Authentication help


Looking for some help to authenticate the Briefcase app to Sharepoint. Our O365 account uses GoDaddy SSO to sign in. I tried to use the O365 validation option, entering a Sharepoint URL, plus my O365 credentials and received an authentication error. Then I tried Web authentication to the GoDaddy URL, and after entering credentials, I was directed to the O365 Outlook email page in the Colligo web authentication window.

Any thoughts how I can authenticate, here?


Hi Adam,

We haven't tested against GoDaddy SSO. Let me check with my team to see if there is anything we can do to help you out.

Unfortunately we are unable to confirm support for GoDaddy SSO.

If you are able to make a Fiddler / Charles capture of the auth process, we might be able to take a look.

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