Outlook and Console Sync

Hello, i am having problema with the Console window app, i am Testing the product and i set up my subsite to the colligo engage. However, my sincronization it is taking too long i have a librarie with 6200 files and the sincronization have 1 hour and just receive 13 documents of 6200 (The documents aren't heavy, the average size of each one is of 11kb)

On the other hand, the auntentification never appears on my Outlook and i know that i installed the Console & Email Product, but i restard the Outlook several times and doesn't appear anything of colligo,


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The application you have show me is Briefcase. Console is the web application on www.colligoapp.com.

Briefcase speed is highly dependent on your connection speed. You can always cancel the sync and try triggering it again.

As for showing up in Outlook, can you please contact Lisa with your licence key and we can look into your configuration? It might be you're running two Colligo products that don't talk to each other.

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