Godaddy email client

I am using Outlook on the desktop and after installing ColligoEMOutlook  I can see the Add-In of Colligo inside the Outlook Ribbon.

On the cloud I have an email account from GoDaddy and they are using Microsoft Outlook from Office 365 as email client where I can see my emails.

How can ColligoEMOutlook work with Office 365 Outlook?

Please advise. 

Colligo Email Manager is designed to work as a way to file emails directly to SharePoint. 

Can you tell me what you are trying to achieve?


I see the above image where Colligo Add-In is visible on the Office365 Outlook page.

This is a page on Colligo WebSite. Here is the link

But I do not see the same Add-In when I access my Office365 Outlook.

I have installed  using ColligoEMOutlook.exe package on the same server where I am accessing my Office365 Outlook

Please advise.

Hi Majid,

I now understand the situation. ColligoEMOutlook.exe is our Windows Client which hooks into Outlook for Windows on a user machine, and only in the desktop version of Outlook.

As of today, Colligo Email Manager for Office 365 is in pre-release. I will have someone from our sales team reach out to you with further details.

I that case how can we copy cloud Outlook emails to SharePoint?

Please advise.

Hi Majid,

I had someone email you at the email address linked to your Support Portal login yesterday to explain Colligo Email Manager for Office 365. If you did not get the email, please send us an email at and we can discuss access to the add-in.

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