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Good day, I recently downloaded a free version of Colligo - the e-mail manager. The feature of having the recently used files does not exist any longer. The files are also not opening when I click on them, I have to close down and open up every time. Is the a problem that is associated with the free version?

Please also advise what the cost is of the paid version of Colligo e-mail manager.

Thank you and kind regards

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Hi Chantelle, 

Recents as existed in the older version do not exist in the latest Email Manager. We will remember the last used location, but we no longer have a list of recent locations.

Files not opening up is not restricted to the paid version. There is no functional difference between the free and paid versions of Email Manager. A subscription gains you access to additional Console capabilities and the access to private Support tickets.

Can you describe with a video and/or screenshots of the work flow you are going through to open files? There is a tiny bit of a wait time between navigating to a location and the availability of the file for viewing, as we will fetch the list first, then headers, then the actual content. If this is still failing, can you provide a screenshot of what happens when you attempt to open them?

If you would like to discuss pricing, please reach out to

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