Colligo crash already at the start

Hi all,

iam facing a problem with colligo since a while. The technical support is somehow not able to help me and i`ve spend hours already to get my system working.

The Problem: After starting colligo, the program crashed immediately. It seems like, its happening when Colligo tries to connect to the sharepoint.

What i have done:

followed all the workarounds of the technical support, deinstall, deleting of files and reg keys, new installation.

i went to my IT support and got a complete new and clean system, the first installation of colligo is working well, it synchronises with the sharepoint and shows all the data. After a while and some more synch actions, the program crashes again. I thought, it was my fault, because i updatet my Java Version and deinstalled the older Versions. After that, Colligo started with the problems again. I have spend some hours then to get the original Java Versions back on the System. No chance to make it work. At the end, i asked for a new System again. This time i made sure, there is no further programs on it. I installed Colligo (OK) i setup the sharepoint (OK), i synchronised wioth the Sharepoint (OK) and still next day, when restarting my computer, colligo already crashes without opening it.

I have deleted the Webside in colligo then, for my understanding there shouldnt be a synchronisation with the Sharepoint anymore. If i switch my Internet connection off and start colligo, there is a window popping up with the login details of the sharepoint (just the wrong login method) why is there still the sharepoint shown? I guess, that the crash is happen, when colligo tries to connect to the sharepoint with the wrong login method...

You guys can maybe help me... I am a bit fed up with installing and configuring this program.

thanks for reading



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