Colligo Engage v7.1.10.0 - Win10 incompatible (shows truncated dialog when Win10 Display setting > Scale and layout is not 100%)


We used the Colligo Engage v7.1.10.0 on Win7 without issue. Now moved to Win10 and new hardware with high-resolution screen. Windows Display settings recommend using setting "Scale & Layout" 150% to compensate for the high resolution. Otherwise the system font and icon are to small. 

This settings in in Windows 10, Display settings >  scale and layout setting > 100% leads that the configuration windows are shown incorrect. i.e. the center button "Configuration" is missing. 


Workaround 1: Windows Display settings > Scale and Layout down to 100% and reboot.

Workaround 2:

Synchronize Site: Press 5x [TABULATOR] key and then [ENTER] key to open the missing [Configure...] button.

Download new Site: Press 3x  [TABULATOR] key and then [ENTER] key to reach the missing [Download] button.

All this workaround is nice but not practical to teach every user. It's not obvious for new user to apply the workaround. 

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