Colligo making Outlook slow

The function “Send & File” is taking more than 30 minutes to complete, when it actually does it; the latest issue is that Colligo it’s not even copying the metadata to the SharePoint file. As an example user shared a chronology of the issues he is facing:

1:40 PM :An email was sent using the “Send & File” function.Colligo pops up a window indicating that it’s preparing the location for first time use and blocks Outlook while it does that.

2:02 PM : Preparation of the location is completed and a window pops up indicating that file has been saved; Outlook is finally available again

2:13 PM : Colligo pops up the window to allow selection/completion of the metadata for the file saved to SharePoint.SharePoint does not show the file as saved yet.

2:14 PM : After completion of the metadata information and hitting save in the window above, file now shows up in SharePoint. The file in SharePoint is not checked in, which should have been done with the final step of the process above.

Total time for this process was 34 minutes, and for more than 20 minutes I was unable to use my Outlook.

An additional issue: when I went in to modify the metadata in SharePoint all the fields that are normally picked up from the email file (To, From, Cc, To-Address, From-Address, Cc-Address, Time it was sent, etc.) are completely empty. These issues make this application almost useless."

Attaching outlooklogs file and screenshots of the error.

(139 KB)
(669 KB)
(875 KB)
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