Colligo 8 Sync User Sites to ColligoApp Cloud

Hello, we are currently testing the Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft Outlook 2016. (Latest version

Is there a way to synchronize the sites in the ColligoApp cloud that have been set up by the user?

I see the possibility of creating groups, creating and deleting sites, etc. in the ColligoApp cloud.

However, I cannot see which sites the individual user has set up on his or her own. As an administrator I expect to see this.

Furthermore it is not clear to me why the sites are not synchronized. When the user gets a new machine and logs in to Colligo, I expect all of their sites to appear automatically - not just the ones the admin has set up in the groups.

I have seen that there is an export function (check screenshot), but it is of no use to the ordinary user who is not familiar with these things.


As an admin I'm not even sure where to import the exported XML file so that the user can see all his added SharePoint sites in Colligo again when he gets a new computer.

Is this feature planned or I am missing something?

Thank you very much.

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