Release 1.3 of Colligo Email Manager for 365 is now available

Colligo Email Manager for 365 1.3 is now available in the AppStore.

This release includes some additional features/improvements and bug fixes, the Jira ticket numbers for the issues which were fixed in this release are -

UP-548Resolved an issue when uploading to DocSet using a featured location doesn't show DocSet shared properties.
UP-806Added a new functionality to enable add-ins even if SharePoint root site is not available.
UP-808Resolved User Management issues in admin portal.
UP-812Added a new functionality in admin portal for deleting a site.
UP-816Resolved an issue with hover, cursor should change to hand cursor when hovered over a clickable note.
UP-817Added a new functionality in admin portal, super user should be able to see all their users by organisation.
UP-818Resolved an issue with site column lookup's was not working.
UP-819Resolved an issue with blank add-ins for some users.
UP-820Resolved an issue with metadata was not getting saved and displaying a message that "This is a required field".
UP-821Implementation of new feature for Copy and Move of documents while uploading to SharePoint.
UP-826Resolved an issue with admin portal when trying to add user which was not found while searching but still getting "User Already Exists" error message.
UP-840Resolved an issue with the user, if he/she doesn't have access for a library or folder upload icon should be disabled.
UP-845Added a new functionality for searching with wild cards.
UP-847Resolved an issue with document set was not getting created under any child folder.
DMO-107Resolved an issue on hover/click, the file preview was not showing.

All the changes are also described in the Release Notes 

This release is available to all customers.


Please update to this release directly from the App Store.

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